What Sets us Apart

Community engagement is at the core of our strategy. To the Sea Angels... it's not enough to clean our beaches.  We are achieving change to prevent littering and also bringing education and awareness to this global issue.  Here are the 4 key principals that have helped us to accomplish change in order to make a lasting difference. Discover more about how we are innovating and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.



In the world of Eco initiatives, sustainability will rank high in the scale of environmental conservation.  The Sea Angels feel that it's not only important to clean our beaches of litter, but clean them smart.  Reusable buckets, litter grabbers, reusable gloves, recycling and upcycling is what sets us apart from the pack.  By taking these extra steps we can insure that our cleanups are environmentally sensitive and that we lessen our impact on the environment.

Sustainability not only plays an important part in who the Sea Angels are, but we are guaranteeing a lesser of a carbon footprint for generations to come.


When the Sea Angels see issues, we act!  Plastic bag dispensers were installed in several of Palm Beach County beach areas.  Not only should plastics and plastic bags not be on our beaches, but every time the dispensers were utilized they were dispersing shards of plastic into the water and the dune areas.

We lobbied the Palm Beach County Commissioners after several failed attempts by the PBC Parks and Rec Dept. to have the bag dispensers removed and we were heard.  Plastic bag dispensers were removed from Ocean Inlet Park, Ocean Ridge Hammock Park and Gulfstream Park.

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Keep asking and asking and asking, eventually you shall receive.  Noticing that there were not enough garbage receptacles in and around Ocean Inlet park and Boynton Inlet Jetty, we fought to have several of the bins installed in and around the South Jetty entrance to the beach as well as on the jetty at Boynton Inlet.

Once the receptacles were installed, we noticed an immediate change in the amount of litter in those areas. 

Persistence does pay off...


One of our very first differences was implementing a recycling program for monofilament fishing line.  6 monofilament fishing line recycling stations were installed on the Boynton Beach Inlet jetty and within Ocean Inlet Park and the use of the bins help to help keep the fishing line out of the environment.

Did you know that monofilament, if left unchecked and littered in the environment, can last up to 600 years.  Think about that the next time your out trying to hook the big one.

For more information regarding recycling and what you can do, please visit http://www.berkley-fishing.com/Recycling/Berkley-recycling,default,pg.html

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