Cleanup Tips


Buckets  ~ We recommend at least two.  One for regular trash and one for recyclables.  Also the buckets are reusable so you are not having to use plastic bags that will just add to our landfills. Decorate your bucket and make it special.

Reusable gloves ~  By using cloth or gardening gloves, instead of latex gloves, you again are not adding to landfills and you will be using safer gloves.  Latex is thin and therefore can tear when cleaning up litter and will not protect you from dangerous items such as broken glass.

Litter Grabbers ~  You can find these online or at stores like Target, ACE Hardware, Home Depot and Lowes.  These are great not only so you don't have to get your hands/gloves dirty but they pickup undesirable litter such as used diapers or condoms.  Also they take the stress off your back or legs if you have issues.

Scissors ~ These are good for cutting fishing line, rope and ribbons free.  We suggest you keep a bag with you.  A reusable grocery bag will do just fine so you can keep your gloves, scissors and other things you may want to bring down to help you.  Plus the bag is good to have in case you find anything interesting such as a pretty shell or sea bean.



  1. It's usually best to clean the beach early in the morning or towards the end of the day.  It's not as hot and crowded at those times so you can get your work done without having to side step many beach goers.

  2. In order to be green we strongly recommend you use buckets instead of plastic bags and make sure to recycle what you can.  Print a small list of recyclables and keep on you or in the bag you bring.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST

  3. Always bring something to drink with you.  Time flies when you are cleaning the beach and keeping hydrated will help in making sure you don't get over heated on hot days.  Also eating something healthy with protein will help give you energy.

  4. Remember when to protect your skin.  On days where it may not seem too hot you can still get a nasty burn.  Where a hat, sun block, and appropriate clothing for that days weather.  On hot days I suggest wearing you r bathing suit.  If you are getting too hot you can at least take a dip in the water to help yourself cool off.

  5. Keep gum or I recommend Ice Breakers candy handy.  Why?  Well when working you may get dehydrated, overheated and feel lightheaded.  Usually a dry mouth occurs and I have found having the candy stimulates your salivary glands seems to help. Of course we recommend you drink as soon as possible.

  6. Keep your cell phone on you or in your bag in case of any emergencies, or if you see something happening on the beach that shouldn't.  It's good to keep your local police phone # in your phone and a phone # for animal rescue near you in case you happen to find an injured animal.

  7. Don't over do it.  There are times where you may feel you can keep going but you don't want to exhaust or hurt yourself.  Set a time a limit and stick to it so you don't wear yourself out by carrying heavy buckets.  If you have a beach wagon that's a big help to get your trash to the garbage and recycling bins if there are any.  If not just put your recyclables curbside. 

  8. Again cleaning the beach is a wonderful thing you're doing but only do as much as you can.  Even if you can only fill one bucket just remember that is one bucket full of litter that will not harm our environment.

  9. Last, we recommend you work with a partner.  This not only covers more territory but it's always good to have someone else there in case of emergencies or just to help with carrying out the trash you found.

  10. We also recommend bringing a camera so you can take pictures of what you have found.  So many Facebook sites like ours love to see what is being brought off the beach.  We also want to meet the people who care enough to help our environment.