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Our Story

Working Towards a Cleaner Tomorrow

The Sea Angels are a 501c3 nonprofit environmental conservation organization located in Palm Beach County, Florida.  We are the leaders in "Green", sustainable beach and ocean cleanups.  We believe that it's not only important to cleanup our environment, but also how you clean it.  We only use sustainable cleaning materials such as reusable buckets, litter grabbers and reusable gloves.  Water bottles? Nope, not at our events. We only use reusable coolers as well as provide you with a snack.  Wait, before that ends up in the trash, we are going to recycle that wrapper.  We recycle, upcycle, provide education and most of all we are getting involved and making a change.  We are Eco-minded and committed to not only cleaning our beaches and oceans, but cleaning them smart!

We have been providing education, awareness and cleanup's on our South Florida beaches since 2005.  We do this with the hope that we can help educate everyone to the plight of litter on our beaches, in our oceans and how it is affecting the environment.  We also care about our community so that's why we have implemented several community outreach programs and worked with several organizations to further bring about change in our community.

Our goal is simple, provide education and awareness to the seriousness of litter and its effects on our environment.   The Sea Angels are more then a cleanup organization.  We are individuals that have a passion and a love for our beaches, oceans and wildlife.  We are caring, dedicated and we are change...

Be the change, one piece of litter at a time.